I know for a fact that the coaching and performance assessment meetings have been very productive and have already started to yield positive results in performance, team relations, levels of engagement, clarification of objectives and roles, problem identification and resolution. I have every confidence that there will be even greater gains in these areas in the near future!

As I final note I would like to encourage the entire management team to keep up their professional development efforts by;

• Retaining a coachable mindset, continue to be open and allow yourself and encourage your people to come out of your comfort zones and try new ideas to be more productive
• Foster a sense of urgency within yourself and your team while remembering to balance this with strategic thinking
• Maintain transparent communications with the entire team, say what you mean and mean what you say
• Remember the power of 70/30 while coaching (listen 70% of the time, speak for 30%)
• Delegate effectively but don’t abdicate your responsibility, failure to so do hurts the company and robs your people of critical developmental opportunities
• Develop and use probing questions and use silence appropriately
• Praise publicly often (when earned) and criticize privately
• Set SMART Objectives and hold your people accountable for achieving them
• Seek the best in your people and you will find it, however never let poor performance slide by.
• Remember there are only two valid positions in a lean and keen organization, the positions that directly serves the paying customer and the positions that directly supports the positions that serves the paying customer. Any other positions are a total waste of resources!
• Remember that attitudes are contagious, ask yourself is yours worth spreading?
• Regardless of your role in the company, everyone needs to keep their eyes and ears open to what is happening in the market and to notify the appropriate person if they see any challenges or opportunities.
• Lastly, as a leader you must stand in front of the troops and lead by example, remember you need to set the pace, attitude and professionalism and be a proud part of making your organization an employer of choice.