The 2013 Ottawa HR Journal published by The Ottawa Business Journal ran a three page article based upon my latest book Stop $pending Money on Your People – How to Turn HR into a Profit Center.

The global economy has recently been in a state of flux. There is ample discussion and concern in the media and boardrooms about the recent “roller coaster” performance of most stock markets. Powerful local and foreign competitors are attempting to gain market share. Margins are being squeezed, competitors are aggressively targeting your clients and the expectations of today’s consumers are more demanding than ever before.

Business success in any economic climate is a matter of being able to tap into the potential of your employees, in good times or in bad. The over arching key to attracting, developing and retaining highly productive and engaged people is to understand what gets employees fired up vs. what doesn’t work. In the following article I attempt to dispel the top 10 motivational myths.

Here’s the PDF posted to my SlideShare account. Enjoy!