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    Clients hire Dr. Denis Cauvier when seeking low cost/high impact solutions to solve their talent management challenges.
    Dr. Cauvier is a full-time keynote presenter, trainer, and consultant and the best-selling author of 24 books. For more than 35 years he has provided his inspirational messages and low cost/high impact solutions that deal with some of the toughest talent management and leadership challenges facing organizations.

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  • Keynote Presenter, Trainer and Consultant

    During the last three decades Dr. Cauvier has spoken in-person or online to over 2.3 million people in 60 countries from small groups to audiences over 27,000 around the world and shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry.

    About Dr. Cauvier
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    Dr. Cauvier has delivered online keynotes, training, seminars and consulting services to over 53,000 professionals. All virtual keynotes, seminars or workshops include free, downloadable worksheets and review documents for the audience, and attendees are given an opportunity to contribute to interactive sessions. Virtual session lengths can be customized to your needs.

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    Whether it’s facilitating small group discussions, providing advisory services or one-on-one coaching, Dr. Cauvier provides maximum training results by conducting a “deeper dive” with proven implementation strategies to ensure that each participant learns and adopts the principles covered.

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Best Selling Author

Dr. Cauvier is a full time keynote presenter, trainer, and consultant and the best-selling author of 24 books.

Professional Speaker

During the last three decades, Dr. Cauvier has spoken to over 2.3 million people in 60 countries.


While Dr. Cauvier loves providing practical, highly engaging keynote presentations that receive rave reviews from audiences.


Dr. Cauvier giving coaching & consulting to a maximum of 6 clients per year. He is proud of transformative.

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Dr. Cauvier’s time tested leadership and team development content is designed to be delivered in flexible formats to best meet the needs of each unique client.

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About Dr. Cauvier

Denis was born in Quebec City (Canada) and raised in many places across Canada and eight years in Germany (his father severed in the medical field with the Canadian Armed Forces). While living overeas he developed his love for travel and exploring other cultures.

Denis first coached adults in martial arts at age 12 and descovered that he had a knack for sharing techniques and concepts in an engaging way. His first micro business was at age 14 buying and selling stuff at local flea markets.

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Client Reviews

Dr. Denis Cauvier started the second day of the conference with a high energy; information packed, great Keynote about How to Maximize ROI in an Agile Company with Talent Management in Leipzig, Germany. It couldn’t be a better opening presentation for the experts and senior executives coming from 12 countries who attended the World Class Work 2019 in Leipzig. Denis brought new perspectives into the circle of HR leaders and created a perfect base to discuss his new and innovative insights for this Congress and a deeper dive into the topic with his own round table discussion. It was an absolute pleasure to have him as a featured speaker.

I was really impressed with the response we had from the 70 senior executives from 40 top Indian companies on Dr. Denis Cauvier’s seminar on “ACE People Development & Talent Management to Maximize ROI in an Agile Economy.” The various thought-provoking insights and loads of positive ideas put across by Dr Cauvier, moreover, the data points based on his research and case studies brought even more relevance to the entire session. His PROFIT Model that he shared was appreciated a lot by the attendees. Our sincere appreciation to Denis for customizing this program to address the current hot issues and challenges most of us face today!

We had an afternoon session with HR Professionals of our Members’ Companies, followed by a session with our Members. Firstly, our Professionals appreciated your inspiring presentation style with many practical examples this format is something we will definitely repeat. Our members liked most the interactive Q&A session where you showed your in-depth knowledge of every aspect of Talent Management. Very impressive and everyone left with some new approach and especially awareness about this important department in their business. Thank you again for coming to Istanbul and providing an only in YPO experience!

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